Our Projects

PROJECTS anchored by our reputable company include:
  1. Development of Agbara Mega
  2. Project Manager for Ogun State Home Owner Charter- Field work and Processing of Building Approval & Certificate of for over 100,000 properties
  3. Several residential development and renovation in Lagos and Ogun State
  4. Property enumeration and tenement rate administration for Ifo Local
  5. Property enumeration and tenement rate administration for Ado Odo Ota Local
  6. Processing of Approval for Trailer Park and Gas station for Oritsetimeyin Logistics
  7. Adeeva Capital - Title Search Verification
  8. Land Title Regularization- Elalan Construction Company
  9. CCAM Investment Limited- Land Title Regularization
  10. Petosan Farm Limited - Facilitation of Allocation for Agricultural
  11. Topbrass Aviation Limited - Facility Management & Real Estate
  12. Femi Okunnu & -Real Estate Advisory& Property Management.
  13. Ado/ Odo Ota- Local government Tenement Rate
  14. Prudential Investment- Management of
  15. Solar Cargo- Facility Management/ Lease of Properties
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Agbara Mega Mall

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Ogun State Home Owners Charter